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About Minne Mushrooms!  

We are a family-owned, Minnesota-grown, gourmet mushroom company located in Hugo, Minnesota. We started our production in 2020 and are currently expanding our growth capacities to consistency supply local business and markets with high-quality gourmet mushrooms year-round. 




 Our Location: 

The family owned 60-acre horse ranch has converted a portion of the barn to a mushroom growth facility that is temperature and humidity controlled for optimal growing conditions.

Who we are:

We are Adam and Marian Bolton, both Minnesota natives and the proud owners of Minne Mushrooms LLC. We have a passion for plants and fungi! We both earned Ph.D's in the fields of plant pathology and plant breeding & genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2019. We have now put our education to use at Minne Mushrooms culturing and cultivating a variety of Gourmet mushrooms.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to make mushrooms a less intimidating and more accessible food source in the everyday diet. Mushrooms also have low carbon production costs and great cooking versatility, making them a great eco-conscious food option!

Why Gourmet Mushrooms?

There are many types of edible mushrooms beyond the common grocery store button mushroom! Mushrooms vary greatly in texture, flavor and human health benefits. Mushrooms are also highly versatile and can can be consumed in many different ways; as fresh produce, cooked in dishes, as a meat substitute, as dehydrated snacks or even as a powder in dietary supplements. 

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